Electric Stapler/Nailer MODEL # QDT15/U1016F(T50)

Input Voltage: 230V,50Hz/120V,60Hz
Max Firing Speed: 20 nails/staples per minute
Max Magazine capacity: holds up to 100 nails/staples
Max Length of Nails: 15mm 18 Gauge Brad Nail
Length of Staples: 8-16m, 20 Gauge light duty staple
Dimensions: 220X160X62mm
Weight: 1.2Kgs


♠ 2 in 1 machine.
♠ Soft rubber grip for comfortable using.
♠ Contact mechanism prevents accidental firing,
♠ ON-OFF Power switch.
♠ High-impact housing.
♠ Quick release magazine for staples easy loading.
♠ Staple/nail viewer window.
♠ light weight, cute figure welcomed by DIY users.